Laser Hair Reduction
You Can Afford!
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Simple yet Elegant Beauty
from Shave No More Laser Hair Reduction, LLC
Tired of the daily chore of dealing with unwanted hair?


With what we believe are the lowest professional fees in Missouri, we make it so easy
and affordable to put an end to shaving, waxing, bleaching, razor irritation and ingrown
hair with permanent hair reduction using our FDA approved, state of the art, Palomar
Starlux IPL Laser technology.

With our new Starlux series lasers, it is now much easier to treat tanned and dark skin
than in the past.  

If you are average, 6-8 treatments, 8 weeks apart will resolve most unwanted hair issues.

Evening and Saturday appointments as well as gift certificates are available.  Please call
us at
636 226 7117 or e-mail us at for an
appointment or to order a gift certificate.  You may also click on the
button  below to schedule your appointment on line.

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Everyday Low Fee
Underarms - Full Bikini - Lower Legs (includes top of feet & toes)
$145 or less Average is $128
Ad small areas on chest or buttocks for $5.00 more & up
Men's Full Back
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