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Ingrown Hair Causes & Treatment
No matter your age or sex, if you are shaving or waxing, you will have ingrown hair
problems.  For men, the most common area is the beard area while the problem  
for women is more common under the arms and in the bikini area. While the
causes are easy to identify, they are difficult to prevent if you shave or wax.  An
ingrown hair or "folliculitis" happens when dead skin cells gather around an
irritated hair follicle until the hair is eventually trapped under a bump in the skin
called a papule.  Often this ingrown hair is called razor burn or irritation and can
be caused or worsened by shaving, tweezing, waxing and even electrolysis and is
more noticable on darker skin. There are home treatment methods such as
salicyclic acid, exfoliation and moisturizing. To truly resolve nasty ingrown hairs
under the arms or in the pubic area, it is best to seek professional help.

Laser Hair Reduction is not only a reliable method of treating ingrown hair but is
also a great way to prevent ingrown hairs.  Bikini line laser hair reduction is more
popular than ever with both men & women giving them the opportunity to not only
safely treat and get rid of ingrown bikini hair but to prevent it as well. This modern
form of pubic hair reduction with our FDA approved state of the art Palomar IPL
laser makes bikini waxing and shaving obsolete.  Laser Hair Reduction also leaves
the skin in the bikini area and under the arms softer and smoother without the
need for the shaving and waxing that causes the ingrown hairs to begin with.

Remember, We have the lowest known fees in Missouri for Laser
Hair Reduction!
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