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Simple but Elegant Beauty
from Shave No More Hair Reduction, LLC
Our Low Fees - Compare anywhere.

Our minimum charge is 15.00.  The following fees would generally be
considered the maximum and are determined by actual time spent.

Face - $19 Includes all but eyebrows, nose & ears.
Eyebrow, nose or ears $8 or less if done with other body area

Neck - $19.00 & up depending on size of area & amount of hair present.

Men or Women's Arms - Lower $25.00 & up depending on size & amount of hair
present.  Upper arms -  Fine hairs not recommended for treatment.

Under Arms - $19.00

Women's Chest/Breast Area - $5.00 & up depending on size of area & amount of
hair present.  Men's Chest - $15.00 & up.

Back - 1/2 back $25-$50  Full Back $65-$90 .

Lower Abdomen - $30. or less.  Linea Alba Only (Happy Trail) - $10. or less

Bikini Line $18   Brazilian  $35 or less depending on size of area and amount of
hair present.

Lower legs + top of feet & toes - $65-$85 depending on size and amount of hair

Upper legs - $65-95 depending on size.

Skin Types 2 & 3, 8th reduction, if needed, & up  1/2 price
Skin Type 4, 9th reduction, if needed, & up 1/2 price

Special:  Underarms, Brazilian or Full Bikini & Lower
(includes top of feet & toes)  $145 or less
Ad spot areas on chest for $5.00 more & up!

Photofacial Fees
Whole face    $70.00 each or less
Half face         50.00 each or less
Decolletage    70.00 or less depending on size
Smaller or spot area $5 & up depending on size
Microdermabrasion Fees
Face  $55.00                   
Decollatage $40.00         
Back of hands $25. or less
Our everyday low fees are often lower than our competitor's
Beautiful, Custom Contoured, Full Body
TanFastic TampaBay Spray Tan
with or without a light bronzing that will
look like you just came from the Beach!
$5 Anytime
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