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Shave No More Laser Hair Reduction
Expected Results by Body Site  

Note that  natural red, blond, light grey and white hair do not respond to our IPL
laser and the finer the hair, the more difficult it is to treat.

Forehead - Expect improvement but not complete permanent reduction.

Glabella (bridge of nose) Excellent results in 4-7 sessions.

Sideburns - Most responsive of facial hair.

Mustache - Often requires 6-10 treatments and then fine hairs may remain.  Goal
is improvement rather than complete reduction.

Nostrils - Good results but there is discomfort here.

Ears - Anticipate significant improvement but probably not total reduction.

Chin - Excellent results with 4-7 sessions.

Neck - Most difficult area to improve in men.  Subject to paradoxical hair growth.  
Those with pseudo-folliculitis barbae will see a major reduction in papules even
with residual hair growth.

Beard Line - Fairly resistant but improvement is possible.

Beast & Chest male/female - Hair around but not in areola can be treated

Women's Arms - Thick hairs can be permanently destroyed, average hairs can be
greatly reduced in size & number.  Fine hairs on upper arm are not treated.

Men's Arms & Legs - Aesthetic improvement with reduction in number and caliber
of hair is the goal.  Total permanent reduction should not be the goal..

Under Arms & Bikini Area - At least excellent improvement with complete
permanent reduction likely.  Lifesaver for ingrown hair problems.

Buttocks - Very good response.  Ideal for pilonidal disease.

Men's Back & Shoulders - Good aesthetic improvement rather than complete
reduction.  Thin/fine hairs on upper arms not treated.

Chest & Abdomen - Good improvement is goal.  Chest requires more treatments
than abdomen.

Women's Legs - Very good results with close to total permanence likely here as in
bikini & under arm area.   
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