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What is permanent hair reduction & why do it?
Why is Permanent Laser Hair Reduction superior to shaving, waxing and
electroylsis?  Because it's Permanent!  Shaving is a daily chore since razors
just cut hair at the surface of the skin and then the hair starts growing back
immediately.  Razors also cause irritation that leads to those "Ingrown Hairs."  
Waxing, which pulls the hair out at the root is often painful and lasts for only
2-4 weeks.  Electrolysis treats only one hair at a time and is very time
consuming, uncomfortable and expensive.  With the lowest known fees in
Missouri, we make getting rid of unwanted hair easy and affordable.

Since all hair reduction lasers target melanin, the best candidates for laser
hair reduction are individuals with light skin and dark hair.  A dark hair
contains melanin and has a plethora of melanin surrounding the hair root.  The
melanin particles absorb the laser energy which, in turn, produces a thermal
effect.  This heating action is what damages the hair follicle.  The projected
number of treatments for most people is 4-7.  Some may need more based on
their health history and underlying causes of their unwanted hair.

We recommend shaving the area to be treated the night before or the day of
your treatment or we will have to clip it for you.  We want as much of the laser
energy as possible to be absorbed by the melanin in the hair root.

In 10-20 days after treatment, the treated hair will fall out.  It will look as if it is
growing but be patient.  Deeper, darker hairs take more time to fall out than
shallower hairs.  You may shave, clip or bleach these hairs  BUT DO NOT pluck
them!  Give them time to dry up and fall out.

You can be treated anytime but fall, winter & spring are the best times to have
your treatments.  Try not to tan for a week before your treatment.  
We use a Palomar IPL Laser which has been cleared by the FDA for permanent
hair reduction and for doing photo facials.

There are minimal risks involved but they are risks.  There can be darkening of
the skin, lightening of the skin or possibly a burn.  Great care is exercised to
prevent this and most of these, if they occur, resolve over 6-12 weeks.

Treatment is described as being similar to being popped by a rubber band.  It
is so fast and we do pre and post cooling so most people do not seem to mind
the minor discomfort that can be experienced.  We can also offer a very light
state of hypnosis so you remain comfortable and care free during your
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